Just like life, technology moves quickly. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. It helps to have an accountant who can cut through the ‘noise’ and point you in the right direction regarding accounting software. We would like to share a couple of features from the Xero ‘world’ that will save you time and money. If you haven’t heard of these features before you could be missing out.

Xero has just released a great new function called Xero Projects - a simple way to capture, track and report on the time and money spent on each job so you can proactively invoice, make informed decisions and manage your business more efficiently.

If you run projects and need to track time and cost on a job by job basis over a period of time then this handy add-on is for you and could save you from having to pay for a separate app – or worse, from managing your job costs manually via excel.

Xero Projects is a great fit for tradies, and consultants in digital, creative and IT industries.

Xero connects to over 500 apps. Receipt Bank is an app which is an online replacement for all those ring binders full of invoices you have cluttering up your office. Take a photo of the invoice, upload it to the app and it’s permanently saved – it will even send a copy through to Xero so the invoice is already entered ready to approve. You can throw the invoice away and enjoy all the extra office space. Use the search function to find bills – no more digging through broken binders.

Receipt Bank offers more than just time savings. A client recently had a fire in their home office. Had they been using Receipt Bank they would have had comfort in knowing all their records were stored safely in the cloud and could still be accessed.

We have moved many clients over to Xero recently and they love how intuitive it is. You don’t have to be a whiz and it’s hard to break it. The great part is when a client is unsure about what to do I can always look at the same screen – even when I’m sat at my desk. The days of giving binders of records to your accountant can be over – if you want them to be.

It’s easy to just keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing for years. However, you could be missing something that will give you more free time, save you money and reduce your stress. Just remember, not all Accountants are made equal and not all can offer the same level of Xero support.

If you’d like to know more give Tom Beswick a call on 07 927 1166. As Xero Platinum level partners Tom and the team at Ingham Mora are happy to give you the low down for free.