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Office Hours | Xero with Ingham Mora

Office Hours is your opportunity to spend time one-on-one with local, professional service providers and entrepreneurs who give their time to help you take the next steps to success, making sure you know what you did not know you needed to know.


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Bright-line Period to be Extended to 5 Years

The Government will extend the 2-year bright-line test for residential investment property sales to a 5-year test.


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Provisional Tax - Taking Aim

From 1 April 2018 taxpayers will have a new optional method for paying provisional tax – the Accounting Income Method (AIM).


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IRD checking compliance in the Kiwifruit Industry

The IRD has been visiting businesses in the kiwifruit industry as part of an initiative to raise awareness of current issues and improve compliance in the industry.


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Xero – are you missing out?

Just like life, technology moves quickly. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. It helps to have an accountant who can cut through the ‘noise’ and point you in the right direction regarding accounting software. We would like to share a couple of features from the Xero ‘world’ that will save you time and money. If you haven’t heard of these features before you could be missing out.


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Cyber Fraud

A number of our business partners have been warning their clients of an increase in instances of attempted cyber fraud and we also wish to alert you to the potential risks in order to keep yourself and your assets safe from cyber-criminals


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What is a Virtual CFO and Does Your Business Need One?


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Tom Beswick - Director

We are delighted to introduce our newest Director, Tom Beswick. Although you may not have seen Tom around he’s made quite an impression since joining us last year. Tom brings a fresh approach to the firm while still fitting well with our culture and philosophy. Tom’s style will appeal to both existing and new clients and his appointment helps position the firm well for the future.


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Tauranga - a city of opportunity

Economic development opportunities are available in Tauranga - watch the video to find out what they are.


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Rotorua Top 10 Holiday Park Supreme Award 2016

Ingham Mora would like to congratulate Jasmine and Jared, Dave and Carol, Justin and Katrina and their committed team on securing the prestigious Top 10 Holiday Parks Supreme Award 2016.